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• The River Thames Alliance will improve, protect, promote and enhance access, safety, fun, education, information and livelihoods of all those associated with the Royal River Thames - Whatever their interest

• The RTA will increase awareness, value and use of the entire river and its corridor environs by working and lobbying for the very best solutions for all

•RTA work closely with government authorities, the trade and others to maintain and improve the River Thames infrastructure, it’s facilities and services

•RTA contribute to enhancing bio-diversity, heritage, landscape values, sport, health and business whilst always lobbying to reduce flood risks and flood damage in a balanced, economically realistic manner

The River Thames Alliance

has these core objectives:

Over 130 paying Supporters and Sponsors Include

30 County & District Councils - The Environment Agency - The Port of London Authority

National Farmers Union  - British Marine Federation - National Trails Thames Path

Thames Estuary Partnership - Visit Thames Marketing Group - Hobbs of Henley

The River Thames Society - The Royal Yachting Association - Canoe Clubs, Yacht Clubs

Rowing Clubs - Fishing Clubs and many more individuals too!

River Thames Alliance

Post Office Box 629

Staines Upon Thames

TW18 9GG

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“At last . . . Joined up thinking for the whole of the River Thames"

The RTA Represent Boatyards and Marine Trade

Working in alliance with over one hundred of the River Thames Alliance (RTA) Supporters. A NEW Waterways Plan has been evolved. Now approved following much consultation, it is a very inclusive and important document that will define a new strategy to benefit future generations. Help us deliver this important work. Volunteer Today.

RTA help protect

my fishing rights

While the EA is the “competent authority” in delivering the River Basin Plan, large parts of the improvement programme will be delivered at a local level by RTA Supporter and Sponsor organisations working together to enhance our environment. Please join us and add your expertise to an exceptional cause.

RTA Promoting

River Thames Tourism

RTA Lobbying for Flood Prevention

The Environment Agency are Management Board Advisors making the RTA the leading organisation in lobbying for better fllood defenses. With 30 County, District and Borough Councils The RTA Co. Ltd. are a very powerful and influential force to be reckoned with. Working hard on a strategy for the future, we could do with your expertise.

The RTA Represent Boat owners and Lock Staff Volunteers

Sorry BUT  . . . . . During the period of Purdah this organisation with close political and government authority links is suspending certain activities in line with best pratice and the law. For further details PLEASE see RED TEXT below. . . . . . . 
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River Thames Alliance is a Not For Profit Company Limited By Guarantee Please Support Us

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Tel. 01784 481739

River Thames Alliance Co. Ltd

Post Office Box 629

Staines Upon Thames

TW18 9GG

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River Thames All-Party Parliamentary Group

Below is a copy of an email that was sent today to the group’s ‘Chair & Registered Contact’:-

This email contains important information about the rules for APPGs, and advice on good practice over the period of the 2017 General Election.

I use the word “must” when stating a rule.

During the Dissolution period

From 3 May 2017 to 8 June 2017, All-Party Parliamentary Groups must not be active. Parliamentary rules prohibit groups from making public comment, holding events, undertaking research or issuing communications, or allowing others to do so in their name. In any event groups must not engage in any sort of campaigning and they must observe the rules on non-party campaigning, available on the webpage for All-Party Parliamentary Groups (see link below).

It is recommended that a group which has a website, webpages or social media account should explain there that while the House is dissolved, there are no Members of Parliament and it has no status as an All-Party Parliamentary Group. It should not otherwise update its webpages or social media account until after the Election on 8 June.

It is recommended that groups which need officers’ authorisation to pay invoices etc should obtain this before the House dissolves if at all possible.

Registering in the new Parliament

Groups will keep their registered status, and may function as normal between the date of the election and 15 September 2017. They may use the portcullis emblem and call themselves All-Party Parliamentary Groups. But in order to retain their status after 15 September and to appear in the first Register of the new Parliament, they must hold an inaugural meeting and must submit a registration form by 15 September 2017. The Register will be published shortly afterwards.