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There is a history of flooding along the Thames and there have been great floods.  For example many will remember or know of the great flood of 1947.  Today the Thames poses a flood threat as great as any throughout its history.  The Thames Valley has seen huge population increases, there has been much building in the flood plain and the effects of climate change are predicted to increase the level of the tides and bring about longer periods of intense rainfall.

Against this background Flood Risk Management has become one of the highest priority issues for the River Thames Alliance.  We hope that you will suppoprt us in bringing together all the interested parties in the Thames from the statutory agencies and local authorities to the people in the form of Action Groups etc., already we have been able to influence how the Thames develops from a Flood Risk Management point of view.

Consequently the RTA has been successful in developing a comprehensive Waterways Plan which will influence all aspects of the management of the Thames for the period 2015 – 2021.  Flood Risk Management is one of the major issues in the Plan.

This topic was the first to be discussed and debated by the all new River Thames All Party Parliamentary Group APPG

What an idea for Flood Risk

Exceptional talent and experience is what is needed to achieve the changes required. Leading the charge is our Working Group and its relationship with Parliamentarians. To read a little more about our new concept called 5 Birds, one stone, click  below.

The RTA Flood Risk Management Working Group generally and through its Waterways Plan as well as its close relationship in Parliament will vigorously work to ensure that new flood defences and innovative Flood Water Attenuation concepts are researched and created. That existing schemes are robust and that day to day maintenance is adequate for the challenges the Thames system faces. We are a powerful body of over 100 influencial supporters and sponsors. We intend to ensure that people and businesses in the Thames Valley enjoy the great River without fear of the threats it can sometimes offer.

A Thames river boat cruise is the ideal way to explore Richmond, Kingston and Hampton Court Palace in SW London. Private charter too.

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The visitor economy is crucial to the borough’s economy and town centres.

We welcome approximately 4.5 million tourists every year, with an estimated total economic benefit to the borough of £469 million. There are several large and well-known tourist venues in Richmond upon Thames.

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