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The ever rising price of property and cost of rent ashore has led to an unwanted and ongoing explosion of unsightly illegal online houseboat moorings.The RTA are working hard to help resolve this moorings issue

The Police have the unenviable task of trying to enforce recently introduced bylaws regarding illegal moorings but the real answer is not force but alternative choices.The RTA are working hard to help.

A Busy Day On The River

The Lock Keepers are an invaluable resource on the Thames. RTA is a member of the working group of EA River Manager, Lock Staff and boaters, all working hard now to improve services.

The moorings outside all of the locks must be reserved for safe navigation of vessels. The hard pressed Lock Keepers along with their volunteers do their best. The RTA thanks them all for all of their help and assistance.

The cost of a craft like this is sensational and if the Navigation and Moorings problems are not resolved soon then owners will disappear elsewhere.The RTA work hard to keep the marine trade buoyant.

   All Overseen By Mr Barry Russell M.B.E.

River Thames Division issues are all managed and coordinated by the E.A.’s Senior Manager and active RTA ManCom Member, Mr. Barry Russell MBE.

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