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"The River Thames Alliance is all about reminding people that the River Thames is more than just London - it's also the green, beautiful, relaxing, vibrant and quintessentially English river that flows outside of London...together we can really promote one of England's greatest assets!"

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Waterways Plan - ACTION POINTS 2015 /21

A living evolving document subject to changes

SECTION D: Tourism and Marketing

27. This Waterways Plan sets out the features of the Thames corridor that attempt to ensure its success as a visitor destination. RTA strongly believes in the value of these features and, where necessary, will lobby for the necessary funding to ensure that they are maintained and enhanced.

28. A revival in hire boat business is desirable to increase the attractiveness of the Thames to visitors. RTA will investigate this issue further with a view to developing a set of policies which will revive the hire boat business or, if this is not possible, halt the decline.

29. RTA will work with the relevant local authorities, Thames Path and environmentalists to identify places where new riverside access points could be sensitively introduced to encourage an increase in visitor numbers to nature reserves, Areas of Natural Beauty and archaeological sites.

30. Angling is an important element in the range of attractions offered by the Thames. To ensure that its importance is given due weight, RTA will seek to involve anglers more deeply in discussions with other groups about the development of the Thames as a visitor destination.

31. RTA gives a high priority to working in cooperation with Thames Marketing Group to improve promotion of the Thames corridor. RTA is developing a website that will build on the work done by Thames Marketing Group and by the Visit Thames website.

32. This website is planned to be a vital tool for RTA supporters, displaying compelling content, capable of being regularly updated and easily accessible through search engines. Every RTA supporter may have a free listing. Rates for display advertising and promotional videos will be set, after consultation, at a level that encourages RTA supporters to regard the site as a significant component of their promotional work. The site will also attempt to contain up to date information about RTA activities andbe a channel of communication with and between RTA supporters, sponsors and volunteers.

33. In due course RTA will intend to provide a marketing function for the whole length of the non-tidal Thames, although the timescale for achieving this objective will naturally depend on the provision of material and the individual efforts of personal support from our RTA Working Groups and their respective volunteer supporters.

34. As a longer term objective RTA will seek to make this website into the main “overarching” hub for information about all aspects of the River Thames.

NOTE: The Waterways Plan is a living evolving document that is subject to change

Certain assumptions have been made.

For the period of the Plan, the Environment Agency is expected to continue as the river authority for the non-tidal Thames and funding is assumed to continue at about its current level.

If these or other assumptions prove to be incorrect, or the effects of the nations BREXIT decision impacts significantly, this living Plan will be revised.

The Waterways Plan will continue to help determine the future policy of RTA and its working groups whilst giving the RTA the necessary authority to lobby and influence the relevant statutory, non-statutory and political bodies.

The success of the new Waterways Plan will depend on effective implementation. Some of these Actions can be progressed but RTA’s capacity is limited and a comprehensive Action Programme is required with RTA supporters coming forward to take on a leadership role in organising implementation of particular parts of the Programme. Working Group Leaders and their related delivery groups - please volunteer.


The Thames is an iconic river and the river basin is home to nearly 20 million people with many more

millions passing through the each year.  Inevitably the river is subject to conflicting demands from

residents, users, tourists, industry, agriculture, sport, and the need to maintain a good environment for

nature as well as for humans. The new Waterways Plan aims to try to resolve and mitigate some of these conflicts and to promise an even better River Thames for all of our future generations.

The RTA it Supporters, Sponsors ad Volunteers will continue to work hard to ensure the success of the Waterways Plan and its 2020 Vision programme.